Concierge Services

Ther first, the one.

We were the first to introduce the word "concierge" for private villas in Mykonos, and we still think it is an essential part of our commitment to our clients. In order to guarantee the best concierge service, we personally train and supervise all our personnel, and we team up only with few, highly selected local partners. Consistent care with a passionate approach aim to exceed all our guests expectations.

True Concierge. Complimentary.

Our attentive, knowledgeable and experienced concierge makes all the difference: from arranging every details prior to our guests arrival to attending any kind of requests while in-residence, the service is a true concierge experience and it comes complimentary with all our properties. 

Services at hand.

Our local teams are the ultimate experts of their island, always up to date with the best and latest venues and with “what’s cool to do”. In addition, we are able to arrange an ample range of local recreational services at the drop of a dime!

Move in style.

Hopping into a Jeep through the open-top, diving into the Mediterranean off a yacht or strolling down the tarmac on a private jet are just a few of the stylish ways to travel when renting a luxury villa with us.


Be it a lift from the airport to your villa or a simple ride into town for an evening out and about, a private transfer takes any hassle out of the equation. Travel when and where you'd like on the island with a private driver in a reliable, comfortable fashion.



Quality vehicles and great customer-care are fundamental when it comes to rental cars. Our partenrs excel in both with a quick delivery process and personalised support, including someone else to do the driving as private chaffeur whenever is needed, 24/7.


Anything else?

Babysitting, personal laundry, extra housekeeping? We've got all that - and more - covered. We're always up for a challenge, your personal concierge is there to make sure your holiday is special throughout.


At your disposal.
Also in the kitchen.

We pride of our dedicated and professional chef services: 10 years of experience, serving our clients only in the comfort of their own private villa setting. As a result, we can make sure our level of service is consistent throughout our entire portfolio of properties in all our destinations, exceeding our guests expectations at all times.

Local, fresh, made to order.

We use only the best and freshest local produce, giving predominance to the tastes and recipes of the local cuisine, with a more cosmopolitan touch whenever is required. All rigorously prepared and served within the private setting of a beautiful home.

Special Skills.

Our team comprising of 15 full time members, is trained specifically from our head chefs to provide a consistent and professional in-house dining experience.

Our renowned weekly packages.

Many years of experience brought us to perfection our comprehensive chef service formula: the weekly package is all what our guests need. Every aspect in the home’s kitchen is attentively taken care on a daily basis: our chef and assistant personally attend to the daily groceries, prepare sumptuous breakfasts and skillfully cook delicious dinners. 

With the Brunch Package you will be served a sumptuous brunch, in the morning or early afternoon according to your desire; you are free to experience the local restaurants for lunch and dinner.

 The Half-Day Package comprises of breakfast and lunch or dinner at your preference; giving you the freedom to explore the local eateries as well as enjoying the privacy of having a meal in your villa.

 The All-Day Package provides you with maximum flexibility and attentive service round the clock: if needed, you can count to have for breakfast, lunch and dinner the same day within the intimacy of your villa.

Pick your night with a theme.

As an alternative to our weekly package, our head chef designed an enticing combination of themed menus for fully catered single events, accompanied by a selection of fine local and international wines from our cellar. Guests can choose to taste the typical local Greek or Spanish cuisine, try a more laid-back wood-fire bbq night or enjoy the freshest heavenly cooked “catch of the day”. We also provide on request special cuisine services ranging from Italian to Japanese tailor-made menus. 

Celebrate with us.

We love parties especially when well organized! We offer to supervise and provide a wide range of services to celebrate special events in our properties. Canapés menus and delicious cocktails are our expertise along with the full managment of the event.

"good food makes
your heart smile"

is what Alex’s grandmother used to say.
He comes from a strong tradition of food as a way
to gather people together and share the best of life. This is still now our philospohy and what we would like to bring in the kitchen of your villa.

Want to know more?

I would like to know more about aquafusion, our Mykonos chef team, the services, packages and prices, please visit our dedicated website.


Water is our element.

Yacht chartering and island villa rentals have always gone hand in hand and for good reason. What better way to see new places, discover silent coves or deserted beaches than with your own private vessel? A core tradition of Mediterranean culture, sailing is the best way to explore or relax in its beauty.

Only the best for you.

As with any other aspect of your stay, details matter the most to us. For this reason we've carefully selected established parnters that boast an impressive fleet and deliver a reliable service for the experience of a life time. From arranging the itinerary to the care of the crew the hardest choice you'll have to make is how to spend your time on board.


 A daily charter is the perfect way to explore your island or discover others - pulling up to faboulos beaches only reachable from the sea or sailing across to that island you've heard so much about. A high-quality vessel, and experienced, attentive crew are key to routing your way to a memorable day at sea.



 A week in a luxury villa and a week at sea on a privately chartered yacht, or perhaps the two combined at the same time. Either way the ultimate combination for your summer holiday - mixing stunning private properties, dashing boats and impeccable service throughout. 


We never forget about services.

Our private chefs are there to spoil you throughout your stay in our properties but can double-down in the event of a yacht charter, preparing a fancy pic-nic to enjoy on a secluded beach or a stylish feast onboard. Any other arrangement for your sailing time is carefully arranged by our team, no holds barred.

Want to know more?

I would like to know more about aquacraft, the Mykonos yacht portfolio, the services, itineraries and prices, please visit our dedicated website.


All you need is love.

Pampering yourself in the privacy of your villa is trend worth embracing, intertwining your time off with a dose of spritiual and physical well-being. Our ample menu of SPA experiences is conceived to offer from the most ancient to most avant-guard treatments to revitalise your senses, enlighted your mood and allow the ultimate relaxation. All this is further enhanced by a trusted team of beauticians, personal trainers, yogis and pilates instructors.

Balance energy & beauty.

Having a professional restore your energy or boost your vitalty with a targeted treatment gives your soul the vacation it needs. Why not do the same for your body? We offer a combination of massage and beauty therapies akin to Yin and Yang, improving one of the most important balances in life.


Looking your finest for, say a great night out, is a mut all-year around but summer calls for that extra attention. This is when our beauty treatments come into play with services such as hairdressing, manicure, pedicure, waxing and facials. And if you're looking to keep up your active lifestyle even on holiday we've got you covered with a team of trainers and instructors meant to keep lazyness in check.



Sink into your holiday relaxation a couple of steps further with our signature SPA treatment menu - a collection of therapies and techniques brought to you by experienced practitioners. Taking care of your body is made simple with an array of options availale directly at your property. Returning home rinvigorated and refreshed is an experience all our guests deserve.



Relaxation is the one of the driving forces in a vacation away from today's frantic world. We make that possible through a spectrum of services, providing you with the means to truly enjoy your time in our properties and in the caring hands of of our trusted professionals. Let time slip away and focus on your distraction in the comfort of your private villa.